Is PES University Admission in Another Perspective?

The question of whether Management Quota would have a positive effect on your admission to PES University is still a subject of hot debate among students in India. Some believe that by only taking up Management Quota that is related to selection criteria for students admitted to the University.

Such a system would not result in any specific criterion being applied as students could still enter the University without fulfilling the same. Students entering from all other avenues and even parents, who had to prove their work histories, should have a chance to do so.

So, what is the actual benefit of Management Quota? There are a number of common misunderstandings of this system.

The first misconception that makes people mistake the system for Management Quota is that the system is not a free one. What is meant by this is that the entry of students selected according to their ability will not be completely free. There will be a fixed amount of quota as agreed upon between the administrators and the institution.

This fixed quota is used as a way of controlling the total entry fee. Students selected through the quota will have to fulfill the criteria for the admission criteria set by the University. This criterion can include the minimum grade average, the number of years in education, or even the amount of experience that is considered necessary for the admission process.

Although, these students do not have to undergo any admissions process at all, they do have to be willing to face tough competition. The reason behind this is because they will be the future students. The admission criteria set by the University also includes examination results which the students have to clear before their entry into the University.

They will have to pass certain examinations that are part of the admissions process. These examinations will not only test their grades but also their background knowledge as well as other factors.

Before the Government issued its instruction that the eligibility for management quota be restricted, not many realized that in the process, some privileges would be given to the students. This includes the students with higher capacity for the admission process.

For instance, students can have an additional qualification to add onto their other subjects. Some universities have already made their admission criteria more flexible as a result of the government's new rules.

If the universities choose to, they can have their entire quota set aside for certain students. An example for this is in a nursing institute where not all the nurses were able to apply for the university.

The Ministry of Human Resource Development will also review the same and decide on the minimum requirement of each individual student. The National Association of Student Financial Aid Advisors (Nassfa) will then oversee the application process of students and the selection process of students.

As this is being written, PES University Admission process is yet to start. With the traditional admission methods, the entire admission process will continue to be highly competitive as the competency level of the students will be a major factor in the selection of students.